To Our Trusted Partners of Doctor's Choice:

We are thrilled to announce several exciting changes that have been taking place at Doctor's Choice as our business continues to grow. 

Most visibly, Doctor's Choice has rebranded with a fresh, clean look and a new website-check out the changes at In line with our mission to make Medicare easy, we organized our website in a way that is simple to navigate and easy to understand.

Our team has been growing! We're excited to announce that we have brought on 3 new members to the Doctor's Choice team, all knowledgeable veterans of the healthcare industry who are equipped to help to provide the concierge Medicare advocacy for which we are known. Since my role in our growing company involves a great deal of travel, I am proud to see the capabilities of this talented team at work every day and I feel confident in their ability to handle every loophole that Medicare might throw your way. Whether you call with an issue or come to the office for an appointment, we have a team of Medicare Advocates who continue to provide the same excellent service you have come to expect from Doctor’s Choice.

We’ve invested in new technology to streamline the service we offer for our members. Doctor’s Choice recently implemented tools to help to securely simplify the way that we serve our clients. This has enabled us to make the Medicare enrollment process even easier (yes, we found ways to make it even more simple!) We are excited for the service benefits our technology brings to our members and our team.

As if this weren’t already enough, I haven’t gotten to the best part. Thanks to the work of our talented Chief Technology Officer, we are excited to roll out in 2019 our Turbo Medicare Roadmap. This tool will take individuals through a simple series of questions to provide a detailed, customized report with all the information an individual needs to know to enroll into Medicare. It goes over their personalized enrollment timeline, the basics of their coverage needs and associated gaps, additional considerations given their health and lifestyle as well as personalized plan recommendations. These tools will provide a valuable educational resource for clients in advance of their individual consultations with our knowledgeable Advocates. This, and all of these exciting changes supports our mission for both employers and individuals – to make Medicare easy.

Thank you for your partnership with Doctor's Choice, and we appreciate your support and referrals over the past six years. We owe a sincere debt of gratitude to all our clients and partners who have led to our growth and success. We look forward to continuing to serve you at the highest level for years to come.

In health,


John Luo M.D.