Are your employees getting support when they retire?

With health care as one of the top 3 concerns retirees have when they leave work, understanding Medicare has become more important for employers. According to our recent survey of clients, the average individual spends 4 weeks learning about Medicare before throwing in the towel.  

Given the complexity of the topic, here are 5 facts that employers need to know about Medicare.

1. When is someone eligible for Medicare?

An individual is eligible for Medicare the month they turn 65 or if they have been disabled for 24 months (any age).

2. Can Medicare plans cover spouses or dependents?

Medicare plans in general are individual plans and do not cover dependents or spouses. However, spouses who are eligible for Medicare can enroll in their own plans.  A couple who are both eligible do not have to select the same Medicare plan.  

3. What are the different types of Medicare plans?

There are 3 major categories of Medicare plans: Supplemental (also known as Medigap), Advantage (also known as Part C), and Part D prescription plans

At our retirement seminars, we educate employees on the different types of plans and how to make an educated decision.  Please contact us for a copy of our employee presentation by using the form below.

4. Does an employee have to enroll in Medicare when they turn 65 even if they continue to work?

Individuals typically enroll in Part A (hospital) when they turn 65 and wait until they are ready to retire from work to enroll in Part B (outpatient), a supplemental + Part D, or an Advantage plan.  However, for employers with fewer than 20 employees, group Medicare plans are available.  This may be a less expensive option than the traditional group plan. 

5. If an employee doesn’t enroll in Medicare when they turn 65, will they be penalized?

If an employee is covered under an employer plan and the plan is deemed credible coverage for both medical and prescription coverage, the employee will not be penalized as long as they stay on the employer plan.

How Doctor's Choice Can Help


We offer on-site group and individual employee seminars focused on the basics of Medicare, available plan choices, and guidance on when to enroll. This takes an administrative load off human resources when it comes to retirement healthcare. 



A Doctor’s Choice Advisor will sit down one- on-one with employees as they near retirement to help choose a plan based on each individual’s specific situation. Doctor’s Choice Advisors can meet an employee at home, at work, or at our offices located in Cranston, RI. 


For Supplemental, Part C Advantage, and Part D Prescription Plans, Doctors Choice Advisors will assist employees in filling out necessary paperwork and ensuring that the application is processed. We will continue to evaluate changes to the plans on a yearly basis and alert individuals of plans that may fit their needs better in the future. 

All at no cost to the employer or employee

We are paid a fee by the insurance companies we work with when we enroll an individual in a Supplemental, Advantage, or Part D Prescription Plan.


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