3 signs you’re going to want a Medicare Supplemental Plan

1.    You live in multiple parts of the country for months at a time

Supplemental plans allow you to access the national Medicare network.  This means you can go to any doctor or hospital in the entire country that takes Medicare.  Some plans may also cover you for international travel. 

The network typically does not vary between different companies since the plans are piggybacking off of the Medicare network. 

With a Supplemental Plan, you can have a team of Doctors in Rhode Island and another team of Doctors in Florida without many restrictions.

2.    You’re very sick

Some Medicare Supplemental plans come with very little or no out of pocket expenses when it comes to going to the doctor’s or the hospital.  If you find yourself seeing multiple specialists, undergoing major procedures, or are in and out of the hospital, a Supplemental Plan with a higher monthly premium but low or no out of pocket expenses could save you big in the long run.

3.    You want the most insurance possible. Period

Some folks are fortunate enough to afford the maximum amount of insurance and would prefer to be just in case something happens.  You may be healthy today but you never know what may happen tomorrow.  For these individuals, getting a robust Supplemental Plan will really give a healthy peace of mind.

Johnny Luo M.D.Comment