3 Commonly Overlooked Facts about Medicare Supplemental Plans

After speaking with a good half dozen retirees this week about Medicare Supplemental Plans, three topics kept on cropping up.   Without further suspense, here they are:

1.    You can mix and match Supplemental and Part D plans

Just because you purchased your Supplemental plan from one company doesn’t mean you have to choose a Part D prescription plan from the same company.  Many Supplemental Plan companies do not offer their own Part D options.  You can choose a Supplemental Plan and a Part D plan from two different companies. 

2.    Your plan can follow you – but for a price

If you move out of state, your Supplemental Plan can follow you.  However, if your plan has a different price in the state you’re moving to, then you’re going to pay the new price in your new state.  Yes this could also mean you can pay less for the same plan if the prices are lower in your new state.

3.    They’re all the same

Most Supplemental Plans are standardized.  As long as the letters match up, the plans cover essentially the same benefits.  This means that a Plan F from one company will cover the same as a Plan F from another company.  The biggest thing to compare is price. 



Johnny Luo M.D.Comment