Our Story

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Doctor’s Choice is The premier service advocate for Medicare, making healthcare transitions easy for employers and their employees.


How It Started

Instead of practicing medicine after finishing Medical School at Brown University, I chose a different career path--to improve the healthcare system.

After spending time working in a primary care office, it became clear that we're doing no favors for the health of our nation's seniors. Medicare is confusing. From talking with my patients, I found that the average senior spends 40 hours trying to figure out how to enroll in Medicare. What's worse, if they make mistakes during the enrollment process, they can be required to pay penalties for the rest of their life.

I believe that making the right choices for our health should be easy. So I embarked on a journey to learn every detail and loophole of Medicare. And I used what I learned to bring seniors a service to guide them before, during and after their transition to Medicare.

By serving seniors with integrity and providing them with personalized, unbiased guidance, we make Medicare easy, and even enjoyable for our members.

— Johnny



Our Leadership

A deep knowledge of healthcare, a commitment to integrity, and a passion for service is what drives our team to deliver best-in-class service to individuals and corporate partners across the country.


Leah Luo, R.N. Esq.
Chief Operation Officer


Aziz Khoury
Chief Technology Officer


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