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Johnny Luo M.D.

Healthcare Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

Speaking Topics

Why is healthcare so expensive? 3 steps to improving outcomes and decreasing cost
With health insurance rates up 50% over the past 8 years, increases in deductibles, more and more Americans are insured but not covered. Dr. Luo highlights the causes of high health costs, what opportunities are available for improvement, and why allowing insurance across state lines is not the solution.

Navigating Medicare: Understanding your one big decision
With over 10,000 Americans being newly eligible for Medicare each day, there has never been a greater demand for concise, unbiased, soup-to-nuts education about Medicare.  Dr. Luo boils down over 1000 hours of research down to 40 minutes in order to highlight what you need to know (and what you don’t need to know) in order to make the right decision.

Achieving your Best “You”
Entrepreneurship is the new major league sports.  Successful entrepreneurs are treated like rock stars and it certainly inspires individuals to give it a try.  However, with most small businesses averaging $44,000 in annual revenue, most entrepreneurs are striking out.  Dr. Luo talks about the strategies he used to bring start up companies to their first six-figure milestone as well as what he wishes schools would teach about entrepreneurship.  


About Dr. Luo

Passionate about improving healthcare through entrepreneurship, Dr. Johnny Luo is the founder of Doctor’s Choice, a company with a mission to provide clear and concise education to employers and retirees about Medicare. 

Dr. Luo is the author of the “Retiree’s Guide to Medicare: What your insurance company does not want you to know” as well as the author of over 15 peer reviewed medical articles on regenerative health. 

Dr. Luo also dedicates his experience to helping others achieve their goals and has been a mentor for the Social Enterprise Greenhouse, as well as an Ambassador for Aging 2.0, an international initiative to help improve the lives of older adults through innovation. 

Dr. Luo is on the Board of Directors for the RI Parent information network and the Northern RI Chamber of Commerce and is a graduate of Brown University and the Alpert Medical School at Brown University. Dr. Luo actively mentors college and graduate students from Brown University, University of Rhode Island, Providence College and Bryant University.