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We are the only concierge Medicare advocacy brokerage focused on helping individuals to navigate the complexity of Medicare. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve quickly become the largest broker of Medicare supplement policies in our state, writing coverage nationwide. Doctor’s Choice provides personalized healthcare education, Medicare enrollment and Medicare advocacy for individuals before, during and after their transition to Medicare.



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One Mission: To Make Medicare Easy



Founded to Improve Healthcare

 By getting people on the right plan, we help ensure seniors have access to necessary care and medications they might otherwise skip or ration. By educating people on Medicare, we make it easy for seniors and caregivers to make the right healthcare decisions based on their personal situation, health status and budget.



Focused on Education

Through access to our online course Doctor’s Choice University, webinars and seminars, we cut the 40-hour average time seniors spend researching Medicare down to 1. By educating those approaching age 65, caregivers of the elderly and HR staff preparing Medicare paperwork, we make transitions to Medicare easy.



Unparalleled Medicare Expertise

From our founding by Brown University MD Dr. John Luo to today, we have committed our service to master every loophole of Medicare so you don’t have to. All of our advocates are trained healthcare veterans.



Concierge Medicare Advocacy

We focus on helping people before, during and after their transition to Medicare, our expert staff guides individuals through the complexities of Medicare during enrollment and as their healthcare needs change.



Unparalleled Service, Brought to You by Technology

We’ve grown rapidly each year, and we’ve got big plans. Technology has helped us to scale our concierge advocacy to provide unparalleled service while retaining the personal touch that has made us successful. 



All at No Cost to Individual Members

Members who use Doctor’s Choice to enroll in Medicare Advantage and Medigap policies enjoy our white glove service before, during and after their transition to Medicare—for life.  



June and Paul,
Longtime Doctor's Choice customers

“I don’t know how people do it by themselves without some assistance because it’s complicated. That’s why we first came to you.

I read an article that had [Doctor’s Choice] in it and I got on the internet and called you up and I’ve been seeing you ever since because you are more than helpful, wonderful!”

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